How Etching Aluminum Can Be Done Chemically

Chemical etching of metals is a sophisticated and versatile technology used for machining metals to enable them to manufacture feature rich and complex components or parts at mass scale. For etching aluminium panels etchants and photo-resistant chemicals are used for getting burr-free, stress-free and clean designs without disturbing the properties of the metal.
The process of chemical etching aluminium panels is briefly discussed here under. But you should be careful while working on it as dangerous materials will be used in it.
Materials required
The materials required for chemically etching aluminum panels may include Aluminum panels, designs to be etched, some blue pnp sheets, laser printer with black ink, glasses for eye protection, gloves, hydrogen peroxide, hydrochloric acid and protective clothing as well as two shallow containers and a source of running water
Printing design on PnP blue sheet
In order to etch a design on an aluminium panel first of all you will have to print the design on PnP blue sheet by creating the design on a regular paper by using a designing app, to make the process easier. Now place the PnP sheet on your design on regular paper and tape on its corners to keep it in place. Now set the laser printer at 100% scale to print high-quality image of the PnP sheet.
Prepare the Aluminum Panel
To prepare the aluminium panel for transferring the design from PnP sheet you will have to cut it to required size and remove dirt and grease from it by using a water sand paper. Then clean and dry the panel by using running water and paper towels.
Transfer the design to the aluminum panel
The process of transferring design on aluminium panel is similar to transferring toner to a PCB. Place the PnP blue sheet on the aluminium panel in well aligned position and fix it with tape after removing wrinkles and bubbles underneath. Protect pnp-blue from heat by placing a piece of cloth over it. Now heat the toner on the pnp-blue by using a hot iron. The toner will be ready to transfer as it looks black. Remove pnp-blue after cooling down the panel.
Fixing the missing spots
If there are some missing spots on the panel design then they can be fixed by covering them by retouching them by using a sharp ink pen and paint. It will also help in making the spot acid resistant. Now cover the larger part of the panel by using tape to make it ready for etching. You should also cover the back of the panel to prevent exposure to the chemical.
Etching the aluminum panel
The process of etching aluminium should be carried out in an open vented space with gloves, eye protection and protective clothing on your body. Now mix acid and hydrogen peroxide in 1:2 ratios in a plastic container and place the aluminium panel into it. The chemical mixture will react with the exposed parts of the design. To check the effectiveness of the process you can take out the panel and rinse in running water in another container. You can discontinue the process if the grooves on the panel are deep enough as per your requirement.
Thus the process of etching aluminium panel can be completed.
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